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Trustworthy North Carolina Attorney Manages International Law Issues

Transactional guidance, business litigation, and criminal defense counsel focused on results

International business offers boundless opportunities for companies of all sizes, but the legal complexities can be daunting. Conflicts over contracts, regulatory compliance, and perceived illegalities can be ruinous for your company and for you personally. But, when you receive advice and representation from the Law Office of Richard J. Bohorfoush, Jr., Esq., you can conduct business with confidence. I provide trustworthy guidance, determined litigation service, and staunch defense to all criminal charges based on international law.

Reliable management of civil disputes falling under international law

If you are an American company doing business overseas, or a foreign company doing business in the United States, there are three areas of international law that could impact your operations:

  • Private international law — This area of the law is invoked when there is a conflict between private entities, such as trade partners involved in an import-export agreement. When a contract dispute arises, there are important procedural considerations, such as which country has jurisdiction to hear the case, and substantive law questions pertaining to which country’s law should be applied. It’s important that your international law attorney have a firm grasp of procedure and substantive law to fight for your rights on both fronts.
  • Public international law — This area governs disputes between individuals or companies and national or international authorities. Matters coming under public international law include violations of treaties, the law of the sea, international criminal law, international humanitarian law and international human rights law. An international law dispute that puts you at odds with a governing authority requires skilled management to resolve matters as favorably as possible.
  • Supranational law — Finally, there are occasions when a nation’s laws may be in conflict with a body of laws passed by a higher authority, such as a United Nations resolution or a multinational treaty. A company operating in reliance on its nation’s sovereign rights can find itself in the midst of a huge conflict. Again, your attorney must have sufficient knowledge and experience to manage these matters effectively.

If you have an international law issue you need resolved, take advantage of a free consultation to learn how my office can be of service.

Focused attention on international law conflicts for U.S. and foreign clients

In my practice, I focus on two primary issues:

  • Foreign contract disputes — I represent domestic and foreign plaintiffs and defendants in international business litigation in which one or more parties are not from the United States.
  • International criminal law — My law school experience as a member of a defense team at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was a solid introduction to this complex and vital area of the law. Since then, I’ve added knowledge and experience advocating for clients accused of various violations.

In addition to my pertinent knowledge and experience with international law cases, I also have a valuable network of legal associates in various countries around the world, including Australia, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Serbia, and Russia. The ability to collaborate with capable attorneys in other countries is a valuable asset that I leverage for my clients’ benefit.

Contact a trustworthy and determined international lawyer in North Carolina

The Law Office of Richard J. Bohorfoush, Jr., Esq. manages contract disputes and defends against criminal charges under international law. To schedule a free consultation, call 1-800-997-0302 or contact me online. My Charlotte office is located at 6135 Park South Drive, about six miles south of the city center.

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